Dear All

Following lengthy discussions with churches in the deanery - A significant change is coming our way!

The Diocese of St Albans is proposing changes to the Benefice of Meppershall and Shefford - to become in future the Benefice of Campton, Meppershall and Shefford. That means that the Church of St Michael and All Angels Shefford will become part of the Benefice of Campton, Meppershall and Shefford. At the time of change - Revd Roni will continue as first incumbent/ Rector of the new benefice.

There is a formal consultation process ahead of this change, and I am asked to let people know of the proposal, and that anyone may make representations for or against all or any part or parts of the draft Scheme. If you would like to make your views known (please include the reasons for your views) preferably by email or by post to the Church Commissioners at the following address no later than midnight on Monday 2 August 2021. If they have not acknowledged receipt of your representation before this date, please ring or e-mail them to ensure it has been received:

Mr Matthew Crowe

Church Commissioners

Church House

Great Smith Street



Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel 020 7898 1784

This draft Scheme provides for:

  • the dissolution of the four benefices of Campton, Clophill and Haynes;
    Maulden; Clifton and Southill; and Meppershall and Shefford
  • the creation of three new benefices of (i) Campton, Meppershall and Shefford; (ii) Clophill and Maulden; and (iii) Clifton, Haynes and Southill, for the appointment of their first incumbents and their places of residence, and for the future patronage arrangements for each new benefice; and
  • the transfer of the parsonage house of the benefice of Campton, Clophill and Haynes to the Saint Albans Diocesan Board of Finance for diocesan purposes

A notice giving the objects of proposed pastoral reorganisation affecting this parish has or will be displayed near the main door of the Church and is available on the Church of England website

All Pastoral Schemes follow the Diocesan Principles of Pastoral Reorganisation agreed in 2018. These are publicly available on our website:

If they receive representations against the draft Scheme, the Church Commissioners will send all representations, both for and against, to the Bishop whose views will be sought. Individual representors will then receive copies of the Commissioners’ correspondence with the Bishop (including copies of all the representations) and they may comment further in writing to the Commissioners in light of the diocesan response if they so wish.

If there are no representations against the draft Scheme, the Commissioners will make the Scheme and arrange for it to be brought into effect.

You can download the original source document here

Source: Emma Critchley - Diocesan Pastoral and Advisory Officer

Date: 17th June 2021

Despite the pandemic, we are celebrating Easter in church today. There are still many restrictions however, including our inability to perform the joyous sermon of Hippolitus.

So, here's a video of the last time we were able to do it (a nice sunny day, just like today):

And in case you didn't get it all (quite a bit of traffic noise, sorry), here's a transcript:

Pascal Sermon - HIPPOLYTUS of Rome

Are you God's friend and lover? rejoice in this glorious feast of feasts!

Are you God's servant, knowing God's wishes? be glad with your Master, share his rejoicing!

Are you worn down with the labour of fasting? now is your payday!

Have you been working since early morning? you will be paid fair and square.

Have you been here since the third hour? you can be thankful, you will be pleased.

If you came at the sixth hour, come up without fear, you will lose nothing.

Did you linger till the ninth hour? come forward without hesitation.

Even if you came at the eleventh hour? have no fear; it is not too late.

God is a generous employer, treating the last to come as he treats the first arrival.

God gives to the one and gives to the other: honours the deed and praises the intention.

Join, then, all of you, join in our Master's rejoicing.

You who were the first to come, you who came after, come now and collect your wages.

Rich and poor, sing and dance together.

You that are hard on yourselves, you that are easy, celebrate this day.

You that have fasted and you that have not, make merry today.

The meal is ready: come and enjoy it. The calf is a fat one: you will not go away hungry. There's hospitality for all, and to spare.

No more apologizing for your poverty: the kingdom belongs to us all.

No more bewailing your failings: forgiveness has come from the grave.

No more fears of your dying: the death of our Saviour has freed us from fear.

Death played the Master: but He has mastered death

Isaiah knew this would happen, and he cried: "Death was angered when it met you in the pit."

It was angered, for it was defeated.

It was angered, for it was mocked.

It was angered, for it was abolished.

It was angered, for it was overthrown.

It was angered, for it was bound in chains.

Death swallowed a body, and met God face to face.

It took earth and encountered heaven.

It took what is seen and fell upon the unseen.

O Death, where is your sting? O Grave, where is your victory?

Christ is risen and you are overthrown.

Christ is risen and evil has fallen.

Christ is risen and the angels rejoice.

Christ is risen and life reigns.

Christ is risen and not one dead remains in the tomb.

Christ is risen indeed from the dead, the first of all who had fallen asleep.

Glory and power to him for ever and ever!

Christ is risen! HE IS RISEN INDEED!

Christ is risen! HE IS RISEN INDEED!

Christ is risen! HE IS RISEN INDEED!

Video: Stephen Lines

Date: Easter Sunday, 4th April 2021

Rev Roni GoodmanDear All.

I hope this letter finds you safe and well.

Good news!

Our PCCs have approved a return to “corporate worship” in our Benefice from the 14th March - which means that our first Communion Service in St Michael’s will be on Sunday 14th March at 9am.

Services as we return to having Services in the Church

We will continue to observe Covid safe practices. Please contact me, Roni - well in advance - if you intend to be at Communion services so we can plan seating. Remember to wear your mask and bring your red service book if you have been given one already.

As we have it at the moment:

  • Friday 12th March Private Prayer in Church (10.00-3.30pm)
  • Sunday 14th March 9am Holy Communion in Church
    10.30 on line Morning Worship, Facebook and YouTube
  • Friday 19th March 10.30am Holy Communion in Church
    Private Prayer in Church (10.00-3.30pm)
  • Sunday 21st March 10.30 on line Morning Worship, Facebook and YouTube
  • Friday 26th March Private Prayer in Church (10.00-3.30pm)
  • Sunday 28th March 9am Holy Communion in Church
    10.30 on line Morning Worship, Facebook and YouTube
  • Good Friday 2nd April to be confirmed


Do you need prayers?

We have a small group of intercessors who will continue to pray confidentially for those who ask for prayers. If being held in prayer in that way is something you would like, please talk to Roni or Jenny.

Together or apart - let us continue to hold one another in prayer, and where possible to reach out in love and service.


With my love and prayers,

Be safe, keep well, and God bless you,


The vaccination programme is being carried out by the various parts of the NHS. This is a huge logistical endeavour and partners have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to plan and prepare for vaccinating thousands of residents as soon as the supplies of the vaccine become available.

Vaccinations will be available through: 

Mass vaccination centres - The nearest regional centre to Central Bedfordshire (so far) is at Robertson House in Stevenage, the full address of which is:

Unit 6, Six Hills Way



May you all be blessed by your jabs!

Robertson House Vaccination Centre

If you receive an invitation to attend this centre but you do not want to, or cannot, travel to Stevenage don’t worry you will be able to attend an appointment locally through your GP but this might take a little longer.

GPs - In Central Bedfordshire the GPs are grouped into networks (called Primary Care Networks) and each PCN will have a centre where they will vaccinate people. Some are already up and running, others will be starting to vaccinate in the coming weeks.

The latest information we have is provided below (please note this is subject to change):

Latest vaccination locations and dates

The PCNs will also be responsible for vaccinating those people who, for medical reasons, are not able to leave their homes, such as care home residents.

Community vaccination centres - Like the Mass Vaccination Centres above, these are centres which are being set up to vaccinate around 500 people per day. These are unlikely to be available for a few weeks yet. Again, invites will come to residents to book an appointment online on a priority basis.

Wait to be invited for your vaccination

The vaccination at this stage is only for those invited. Residents should not contact their GP practice, hospital or other sites to request the vaccine. Residents will be contacted when it’s the right time to come forward.

The government has set out the order in which groups of people will be prioritised for vaccinations.

The top four priority groups are the current priority. If you do not fit into one of these groups, you will not be invited for a vaccination yet. Further detail about the priority groups is available on the Government website.

Rollout priority groups

COVID-19 health advice

Source: Central Beds Council
Date: 11th January 2021

Alan Bishop of St Albans
We have just received a letter from Bishop Alan, Bishop of St Albans which we'd love to share with you.

You can download a copy of his letter here.


Source: Revd Roni Goodman

Date: 29th October 2020

Dear All
Rev Roni GoodmanYou will find the service and activity sheets for Sunday 18th October  - the 19th Sunday after Trinity, in the links on the Worship/Online Worship section of this website.  The sermon this week is preached for us by Keith Callard, Reader at St Mary's Church, Meppershall, and, as always this will be available via our Listen-in Worship blog and by phone on 01462 559112.
Our next communion service will be on Sunday 25th October - and if you would like to be there please do not forget to let me - Roni know in advance.  Please remember your Red Service Book if you have one, and your face covering.

Thank you so much for your harvest gifts which are now been taken to the Need Project. Please remember that although we celebrate harvest only once a year - the need is an all year round need!

Special Memories:   Unfortunately, this year, it is not possible to hold a service of “Special Memories”.
Instead, on Friday 30th October, the Church will be open for prayer and we will particularly remember by name those whose funerals we have been privileged to conduct in the past year.   We are inviting their families and friends to come to light a candle and spend a quiet moment with God and their memories in the Church. It is an opportunity open to all.

Do you need prayers?
We have a small group of intercessors who will continue to pray confidentially for those who ask for prayers. If being held in prayer in that way is something you would like, please talk to Roni 339962 / 07533376880 or Jenny 07379345967.
Together or apart - let us continue to hold one another in prayer at this time - and where possible to reach out in love and service.
Please let me know if there is anything more we can do for you at this time…
With my love and prayers,
Be safe, be well and God bless you,