It recently came to my attention that Frank Bond, a long-standing member of our congregation, neighbour and friend wrote the 'Prayer for Deliverance' below and shared it with some of our neighbours on Easter Sunday morning.

He sent me a copy last night with permission to publish it on the website; please feel free to share it with family and friends.



Most Holy Father,

On this Blessed, beautiful, Easter Day

we are praying for deliverance from

Covid-19, Coronavirus, for ourselves,

our relatives and friends in Shefford,

the United Kingdom and indeed

everyone throughout this world.

Particularly we seek protection for those

caring for all who are sick at this time,

whatever their involvement might be.

Protection for them in their place of work.

Guidance for the Government to take

appropriate and necessary decisions,

consideration of everyone to observe rules

for protection of themselves and others.

Patience of all to face future uncertainty

with courage, determination, perseverance.

Help for those in need and awareness

of any in difficulty. Forbearance for

all who are suffering, or in doubt or fear.

Sympathy and understanding at all levels.

Pleasure in remote contact with others.

Support for all industry and commerce

that our economy may recover.

Knowledge that You are still with us,

and will always keep vigil over us.


FH Bond, Sunday, 12 April 2020

Source: Stephen Lines; Webmaster