Patricia Goulding
Each year we are required to have a Parochial Church Meeting at which various reports are presented (mainly to do with Church finances and the state of the the church building), plus the election of people that we want to represent us.

You may be surprised to hear that the APCM is still going ahead this year, in spite of the COVID 19 restrictions.

It will be very different this year though - on a Thursday (8th October), and it will be a mixture of physical and Zoom online meeting.

We don't have times or nitty gritty details yet, but will publish them as soon as they're available. Until then, please try to keep 8th October clear in your diary.

For now, Patricia Goulding, our Churchwarden has asked me to publish various forms relevant to the meeting:

Please think and pray about how you want your Church to go forward in these challenging times - can you add your talents and experience to our future, or do you know someone who could be nurtured to unlock as yet untapped skills or talents?


Source: Patricia Goulding - Churchwarden

Author: Stephen Lines - Webmaster

Published: 24th August 2020